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Our blocks are available in bulk, floor loaded or palletized, individually wrapped pallets and/or blocks. The blocks can be made from Coir pith (Cocopeat), Chips or a customized Substrate mix from Pith / Chips / Fibre.

These Coir substrates can be used in bagging and container systems or can be mixed with other compounds for bagged or container products.

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Our top selling products:

Product CodeSize (LxWxH)cmProductWeight kg
Elf 33330x30x13peat5
Elf 33430x30x14chips4,5
Elf 33530x30x15Peat/Fibre 50/50(2cm)4,7

If you have questions which product or what (customized) mix would fit your system best,
just click and ask our advice.

To get maximum loadability per container the product is compressed 5 times to 1. We can guarantee minimum 12 litres of Coir substrate per kg. no

Before you can use the substrate it is inevitable to add water on the blocks to get maximum volume. This can be done via customised machinery which can break the blocks and will spray the water on the this material.

A simpler process is to pile up the blocks and spray with water. The heap can be turned frequently to speed-up the rehydration and to maximize the volume.

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