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Why Use Coir

The Elfferich Coir substrates are full chemical balanced products. We are specialists in supplying the premium quality Coir products.

Our RHP certified production locations are visited by the Independent Audit companies IMO (Swiss based Auditing company) and ECAS (Dutch based Horti/Agri culture Auditing company) 4 times per year to guarantee the quality of our products.


Coconut based substrates have some Unique advantages and properties. It has capability to absorb water, even after complete de-hydration, but at the same time it will also drain out water when the substrate is fully satured.

This property enables the user to achieve and maintain the ideal water : air ratio for his substrate that is needed for his growth/crop.

Coir products has excellent water retention, it can hold 8 times its own weight in water and it can easily be hydrated even after complete de-hydration. Cocopeat is an ideal product to use as soil enricher, you can mix the Cocopeat into/with the soil to improve the moisture content (water retention) and at the same time improve the organic matter/humus (biological). usecoir

Thermal Drying

Our Indian location is the only company in the region that dries the Coir substrates Thermally, via a furnace. This enables us to supply throughout the year (no rain or monsoons to disturb the production) and we can guarantee certified Fytosanitairic clean products. Our products are free from insects, harmful nematodes or other harmful organisms.


Our Coir substrates fulfil the highest stability standards. Despite its organic nature the Coir Substrates will not decompose (in normal circumstances) for at least 5 years or more.
Elfferich Coir substrates are very stable products and are safe to use in Horticulture and Agriculture as well as in Landscaping, Gardens and Houses. usecoir

Other features

Our Coir substrates are made with RO water, it is very friendly to handle, it gives no itchy feelings, it is odourless and your hands are not getting dirty (like with potting soil).

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