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Environmental friendly                                                                 100% natural & organic
Coir substrates are made from the Coconut husk of the Palm tree (Cocos Nucifera L.) coirenv

The Palm tree can produce 120 Coconuts every year for 60 years or more, therefore our Coir substrates are 100% renewable products.!

Forests , swamps and other nature preserves do not have to be stripped and mines do not have to be build to get the raw material for our products. The preservation of trees automatically contributes to the Carbon footprint / CO2 friendliness of our Coir products. The more Coconut based substrates are used, the more trees are cultivated and planted for the Coconut husk. coirenv

Full utilization of the husk

The food and pharmaceutical industries are using the inner nut, the outside husk is processed in the Fibre industry or directly at our Coir substrate factories. At the fibre mills the fibre is separated from the Coir powder. We collect the powder directly after this separation to be stored and processed at our production locations.

100% of the Coconut is used and because it is a renewable product, coir substrates are very environmental friendly products.

RO system

All our production locations are equipped with RO systems to be able to minimize the use of water during the production. At this moment our Partners are investing in water treatment plants to reduce the process water. Our goal is to reach an almost closed water system at the end of 2011.


Even after full de-hydration, Coir substrates can be easily hydrated again . This unique feature enables us to dry our products and compress it to reduce the volume that will be transported. With the normal compression rate we can ship 5 times the volume of Coir substrate in 1 shipment. After the customer receives the products he can add water to re-hydrate and re-volume the products.

The last 20 years Elfferich Commodities has proven to be innovative.
We will continue to be innovative, we continue to develop new and alternative production methods to make even better and cleaner/greener products.

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