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Welcome to Elfferich Commodities

The Elfferich Group of companies is constantly improving its present products and is also trying to develop NEW coir products which have better growing abilities.

We are very proud to have succeeded in this, consequently the Elfferich Group of companies has decided in the latter part of 2018 to form new companies in which it will promote its wide product range of products and product Lines:

The food division products are now promoted by our new company Elfferich Pickles Ltd. The existing coir products are still being promoted by Elfferich Commodities B.V. The newly developed coir products and any other new products related to the horticultural industry are being promoted by Elfferich Coir Substrates Ltd.

Our head office address is still the same, based in Den Hoorn in the Netherland at the heart of the worldwide Horticultural Innovation. Our unique location and experience gives us an unique position and access to an extensive network of expertise.

To work this way we will be able to give more focus on our different product ranges and individual products itself. Our research and innovation towards our present products and to the development of new products will be more focused. Together with the valuable feedback of our clients we have created a situation which will be more beneficial for our products and therefore for our clients.

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