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Elfferich Group of companies

The Elfferich group of companies started in the year 1939, when the company F.C. Elfferich & ZN BV was founded. This company is dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables and till today still is. The company is run by Mr Frans Elfferich, being the owner and the director.

In the year 1998, the company Elfferich Commodities BV was founded by Mr Marc Frans Elfferich, being the owner and director of the company. Already since 1989 Mr. Marc Elfferich is dealing with the cultivation of gherkins and other food products related to the pickle industry (like olives, silverskin onions, different varieties of chillies and peppers etc.) Elfferich has joint ventures in India, where it grows these products and packs them either in drums or already in the customers jars. At the same time the company Elfferich started joint ventures in Sri Lanka and India for the production of pottingsoil substrates based on the Coconut and other Coconut based products used in the horticultural industry as well as the industrial industry. no

Elfferich supplies the Coconut based pottingsoils to numerous countries world-wide and to many reputed companies in the world. The production facilities in Sri lanka and India are both RHP certified and can be considered the best and most professional units in the world.

In India, the production is fully mechanized and the drying of the Coir substrates takes place by thermal dryers. This ensures that the products meets all phytosanitary norms, this is supported by official documents issued by respective governments. The thermal drying ensures also a continuous supply of products 12 months a year, even during the rainy seasons. This is unique and no other company, besides Elfferich, can guarantee this.

no Our production locations are equipped with Reversed Osmosis units, to ensure that watersupply will never be an issue. This allows us to serve our clients even better, it enforces our guarantee that the required volumes will not be an issue and that quality is never compromised.

Our company continues to invest in its factories and is also developing new production locations. This ensures us and our clients that the latest technology is adapted and we supply the best products which will meet all Fytosanitary standards laid down by any country in the world.

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