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Elfferich Commodities Growbags can be made in all sizes, substrate mixes and grades, suitable for your professional use in vegetable, fruit and cut flower production.
The Growbags / Hydroponics are available with or without high density black and white plastic bags, plant holes, dripper holes, drain holes, etc.
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Our top selling products are:

Product CodeSize (LxWxH) cmMinimum Volume (litre)
Elf 1258120x15x8,513,75
Elf 12510120x15x1016,25
Elf 12816120x18x1631
Elf 1058100x15x811,5
Elf 10510100x15x1013,5
Elf 10512100x15x1216,25
Elf 10210100x20x1018
Elf 10212100x20x1221,5
Elf 0951090x15X1012
Elf 0951290x15x1214,5
Elf 0921090x20x1016,25
Elf 0921290x20x1219,5
Elf 0521050x20x109
Elf 0581450x18x1411,25

Cannot find your specific Growbag size in this shortlist? Just click here at other size Growbag to send us your requirement and we will give you our quotation.

If you do not know which Growbag would be best for your system, just ask our advice.

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