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Elfferich Commodities has developed divers specialties for the Agriculture & Horticulture market.
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Disks in various diameters and volumes.
For Gerbera, Roses, Orchids, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.

Product CodeDiameter cmVolume (litre)Substrate
Elf D131133,5chips/ccp
Elf D132133,5ccp
Elf D161165chips/ccp
Elf D162165ccp

Request for other diameters and/or volume disks

Packed Coir Substrates

Product Code Product
Elf 2385Easy fill bags, 23 x 18 x 5cm (10 litre)
All mixes possible, container and substrate in 1
Elf 8043325 kg bales, soft compressed bales 80x40x33
All mixes possible, 250 litre per bale
Elf 50L50 litre bags, loose filled bags, possible with
own label. All mixes possible

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